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The Paid Sick Leave Trend

Earlier this year, President Obama called on Congress to enact a federal law requiring businesses to offer seven days of paid sick leave to workers, but the proposed law is unlikely to pass in the current political climate. Nevertheless, advocacy for paid sick leave has increased at the state level, and some of these efforts are proving successful.

HR Question Regarding Employee Dating

I’ve heard some companies have employees who are dating sign some sort of agreement. Is it something we should have?

Answer from Ophelia, one of our HR Pros:

An agreement regarding the dating relationship is not required. Many employers use them, however, because they can help set expectations and reduce liability. I generally recommend that employees sign a Consensual Relationship Agreement if they enter into a romantic relationship with each other.

HR Question About Issuing Simultaneous Warnings to an Employee

Can we give an employee a written warning for three unrelated concerns at once?

Answer from Jessica, one of our HR Pros:

Yes, you may issue simultaneous warnings to an employee. For example, if an employee is routinely tardy, underperforming, and insubordinate, you could address these issues in a single meeting. That said, it’s usually more effective to address issues as they arise than to save them for a later conversation.

5 Benefits of Hiring Millennials - Infographic

Millennials, just like any generation, have a unique set of skills and expectations that are the result of the era they grew up in. This infographic helps you understand these traits and other benefits of hiring millennials as they are already a significant portion of today's workforce and the numbers are only growing.

Sample "Mechanical Engineer" Job Description

A Mechanical Engineer typically plans and designs product applications and assembles project teams. Your chances of successfully attracting and retaining a Mechanical Engineer as a new employee will be much greater if you give careful thought to the duties of the job and communicate these expectations to a prospective employee. Written job descriptions are an important aid to this communication.

Sample "Chief Information Officer" Job Description

The Chief Information Officer typically directs, plans, and manages the company's Information Systems policies to assure the development and implementation of data processing, computer operations, and related functions (communications, office systems, production activities, etc.). Your chances of successfully attracting and retaining a Chief Information Officer as a new employee will be much greater if you give careful thought to the duties of the job and communicate these expectations to a prospective employee.

Example Disciplinary Action Notice

Unfortunately, employees do not always perform to the highest standards, whether that be failing to perform all the essential functions of their position or being the perpetrator of workplace harassment. This form helps document the issue at hand, giving you a place to note which policy was violated and list any previous violations.

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