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Employee Engagement Drives Business Growth

Align employees with business objectives to achieve business goals

For your business to thrive, you need to make sure your employees understand how they connect to your organizational vision and, more importantly, how they support your overall business strategy. When you show people how they personally make a difference to the goals and objectives of the business, they’ll be more productive than employees who don’t have the same direction in their jobs.

Employer's Guide to Performance Management

Performance management is an organized method of monitoring results of work activities. It is also collecting and evaluating performance to determine whether goals are achieved and using performance information to make decisions, allocate resources and communicate whether objectives are met. If designed and implemented correctly, performance management programs can have a positive impact on individual and company success.

10 Key Principles of a Successful Employee Communications Program

When it comes to growing your business, you have a great opportunity to gain employee support for your goals by using effective communication practices. By keeping employees focused on the big picture and making them feel engaged and relevant, you can enjoy greater success and improve business growth. The following are ten key principles of a successful employee communications program.

Maximizing Employee Performance and Rewarding Results

Keeping employees with proven skills for business growth

Skilled, loyal, engaged employees are an asset to your company. Once you find top-notch people, the challenge is ensuring their loyalty. How do you keep them? As a business owner or manager, one of your key goals should be motivating your employees to achieve the highest level of performance possible. There are steps you can take to accomplish this, including:

Ultimate Guide To Employee Onboarding - Infographic

Employee onboarding is the process of transitioning new employees into your organization. This infographic walks you through the basics of successfully onboarding an employee from tasks to complete before the employee arrives for their first day, all the way to how to ensure that an employee continues to feel supported after the first few weeks.

Ultimate Guide To Employee Onboarding

April 23rd is National Bring Your Child to Work Day

Thursday, April 23rd is National Bring Your Child to Work Day (BYCTWD). This day was originally designed to bring daughters to work to teach young women about careers and occupational opportunities. Today, this has evolved into a learning event to teach all children about the workplace and to give them a better understanding of what Mom or Dad does all day.

Before you decide to participate in this learning event, it is important to take several issues into consideration, including productivity, client service, and safety.


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