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5 Benefits of Hiring Millennials - Infographic

Millennials, just like any generation, have a unique set of skills and expectations that are the result of the era they grew up in. This infographic helps you understand these traits and other benefits of hiring millennials as they are already a significant portion of today's workforce and the numbers are only growing.

  • Best Human Resource (HR) Practices
  • Best Human Resource (HR) Practices That Help Your Business Grow

    As a business owner, making sure your company thrives is a top priority. There are a number of ways you can do it. You can develop or improve products or services. You can increase quality assurance efforts. You can manage vendors and contracts more efficiently or increase marketing and sales activities. Or you can find a way to improve business performance by addressing the one factor these activities have in common: your people.

    Finding Talented People Who Help Your Business Grow

    Building and sustaining an effective workforce

    As a business owner, your success depends on finding the right employees — no matter what business you’re in. That’s because good people help your business perform better. It’s not just a matter of finding someone who does a particular job well. It’s about choosing employees who are a good fit with your company. Think in terms of person-organization fit rather than person-job fit to find people who can make long-term contributions.

    The Impact of Hiring Temporary Workers

    With the continued challenge of today’s economic times, temporary workers play a significant role to businesses in terms of lowering costs. Especially with employers in industries that heavily rely on strong holiday season sales, the performance of temporary workers also is critical to customer service satisfaction. However, how do you know whether or not hiring temporary workers is truly advantageous to your business?

    Consider the following six advantages and disadvantages:


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