Civil Engineering Firm


Our client, a civil engineering firm with approximately 500 employees previously entered into a PEO relationship with a large regional Professional Employer Organization primarily to help control workers' compensation costs while gaining a single point of contact for employment related administrative tasks for their business. Prior to contacting Solid Business Solutions our client was experiencing service issues with their current service provider including consistent payroll processing errors, technology lacking reporting capabilities specific to the client's needs, technology lacking new employee on-boarding, ongoing unemployment claims administration issues, and a lack of HR support. In addition, our client's staff members were spending an average of four days each week to process their weekly payroll and manually create reports needed impacting the overall performance and profitability of their business.

Our Solution

After initial consultation with our client, Solid Business Solutions recommended our ASO Solution which provided our client with superior technology to manage payroll processing and tax compliance, employee on-boarding, reporting capabilities specific to our client's needs, a team of dedicated human resources professionals to support our client's HR needs, unemployment claims administration, and employee benefits administration allowing our client to maintain their current employee benefits.

Solutions Implemented: ASO Solution

The Result

Today, our client receives a suite of services and dedicated support allowing them to focus on running and growing their business. Our client reduced their overall costs significantly while gaining access to a team of highly experienced professionals and superior technology allowing them to process weekly payrolls without error at a fraction of the time previously required, generate real-time reports specific to their business as needed, on-board new employees, manage unemployment claims, and access our human resource professionals as needed.

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