Manufacturing Company


Our client is a hydraulic repair, sales and service company for the fluid power industry. Prior to contacting Solid Business Solutions, our client outsourced payroll and HR functions to a national provider under a PEO arrangement since their inception. After approximately 14 years with the same provider the client realized they were not receiving the same value from the PEO arrangement they once did. After gathering quotes from multiple service providers the client made the decision to discontinue the PEO relationship and outsource back-office functions to multiple vendors including a payroll company, a human resources consultant, and an insurance broker. The client, still uncertain as to their decision contacted us in an effort to validate their decision to outsource their back-office functions to multiple vendors and determine if they were receiving the best options available for their employee benefits. The client was also very concerned with PPACA requirements and the impact it would have on their business.

Our Solution

Upon initial consultation with the client, the client recognized the negative impact of changing to a multiple vendor scenario versus the single point of contact relationship they have had for so many years. Although the client was firm with their decision to not re-enter a PEO arrangement the client still wanted a single point of contact solution. Based on this, Solid Business Solutions recommended our ASO Solution which would provide the same single point of contact relationship for payroll and tax compliance, human resources support, benefits administration, and insurance solutions including workers' compensation and employee benefits. In addition, the ASO solution provided the client with the flexibility to choose their own workers' compensation carrier and employee benefits provider(s) if they chose to do so while still maintaining the same level of service integration with Solid Business Solutions.

Solutions Implemented: ASO Solution, Insurance Solutions

The Result

Our client reduced their current costs significantly while retaining the same level of service they were previously receiving with payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits, and benefits administration. Ensuring our client meets their responsibilities with PPACA and after a detailed review of their current employee benefits, Solid Business Solutions implemented a multiple option medical plan with lower annual out-of-pocket costs for the employees, better ancillary insurance product choices, and a 401k retirement plan.

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