ASO Solution

Most businesses today utilize some form of HR outsourcing. Our ASO Solution is a combination of several business processes outsourced to Solid Business Solutions. Typical business processes outsourced in our ASO arrangement include payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits administration and risk and safety management services.

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Partnering with Solid Business Solutions through our ASO Solution gives your business relief from the day to day burdens of employee management and administration allowing you to focus on what you do best, running and growing your business.

Our Administrative Services Organization (ASO) solution provides a bundled suite of back office and administrative solutions for your business, including payroll and tax compliance, time and labor management, human resources support, and employee benefits administration among others. Unlike our PEO Solution, our ASO model does not include a co-employment relationship thus you remain the employer of record and we manage business critical processes on your behalf.

Is the ASO Solution right for my business?

Keeping up with employment laws and regulations in addition to managing employee related administrative processes can be a complicated and time consuming responsibility. Finding, hiring, developing and retaining staff members with the knowledge and expertise required to manage these tasks on a daily basis can be costly, difficult, and will likely keep you from focusing on running your business.

Our ASO Solution gives your business access to experienced and knowledgeable staff members who handle the day-to-day administrative processes on your behalf and typically at a much lower cost than hiring and developing employees internally to manage these responsibilities. More specifically, Solid Business Solutions through our ASO Solution gives our client's peace of mind by providing the ability to:

  • Outsource business processes such as payroll & tax compliance, human resources, employee benefits administration, and workers' compensation administration
  • Gain access to superior technology and support allowing you to run your business more effectively
  • Gain access to knowledgeable and experienced industry specialists not typically available within your current workforce
  • Retain your own employee benefits or allow us quote, implement and manage employee benefits on your behalf
  • Retain your own workers' compensation policy or allow us to quote, implement and manage on your behalf

Why Solid Business Solutions?

Solid Business Solutions provides flexible business solutions allowing our client's to operate their businesses more effectively. Whether your business needs an individual stand-alone solution such as payroll processing and human resources outsourcing or a fully bundled solution like our ASO Solution or PEO solution we have you covered.

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