Insurance for Employees

Through our agency partnerships, Solid Business Solutions provides a wide selection of insurance products specifically for employees. From individual health insurance to supplemental life and disability insurance we have you covered. Learn more about our insurance solutions for employees by selecting from the options below.

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Individual Health Insurance

One of the most important types of insurance to have is health insurance. Your good health is what allows you to work and earn money and otherwise enjoy life. If your employer does not provide access to a group health insurance plan, individual health insurance is a smart option for you to consider. Learn more.

Life and Disability Insurance

Buying a life and disability insurance policy can be a very tricky and expensive business. With various plans to choose from, the hardest part is understanding these plans and their differences and selecting one that offers the best deal. Learn more.

Supplemental Insurance

Buying insurance coverage, such as supplemental insurance coverage is a complete process. Various factors need to be considered when buying an insurance product. The key is to first understand your insurance needs and then narrow down your search to that one insurance solution that answers your needs at lowest price. Learn more.

To learn more about insurance solutions for employees provided by Solid Business Solutions or to speak with a representative, contact us today at (888) 762-2075 or complete our online quote request form above.

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