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  • Federal Workplace Posters

    We currently have the federal workplace posters displayed in the lunch room. We want to use that space on the wall for other things, and we were thinking of moving the posters to the employee entrance. What are the posting location guidelines?

    Answer from Rebecca, one of our HR Pros:

    Thank you for your question. Generally, federal workplace posters must be displayed in conspicuous places where they are easily visible to all employees. Some states have their own workplace posters and posting requirements as well. To comply with these legal requirements, employers typically place all workplace posters in a break room or similar location frequented by employees.

    Interestingly, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and Employee Polygraph Protection (EPPA) posters must be placed where they can be seen by applicants for employment.

    If your applicants and interviewees also come in through the employee entrance, it may be okay to move the posters there. I would suggest, however, that you keep the posters in a breakroom or lunchroom. That way it can never be said that employees don’t have access to the required postings, and you won’t jeopardize your compliance with the posting requirements.

    If you have any remote employees, be sure to check out our 2-Minute HR on the workplace poster requirements for them!

    I hope this information is helpful!

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