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Your most valuable asset can be your employees... they can also become your greatest liability. Regardless of how many employees you have, there are a myriad of employee related laws and regulations that face an employer.

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Solid Business Solutions acts as your off-site HR department, offering human resources outsourcing solutions and human resources consulting in the areas of sexual harassment, discrimination, FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), hiring and firing, HR best practices and a number of other areas to help you manage your employee relationship needs.

Human resource solutions offered by Solid Business Solutions can be face-to-face or technology-based. We offer web-based solutions that help provide efficient solutions for our clients while working in an offsite environment. The multi-disciplinary approach followed by our HR professionals in face-to-face relations make us capable of offering advice and solutions for various related aspects of employee management.

Our human resources management solutions help businesses whether enterprise level corporations or small businesses with strategic HR decision making. We offer cost-effective solutions to our clients hailing from implementing and managing best practices to new employee hiring and terminations. With the help of our human resource solution, our clients can save both time and money.

Compliance with Government Regulations and Laws

The main focus of HR compliance is to help you comply with government regulations and laws that are followed in each state. We provide human resources services for businesses throughout the state of Texas and assist our clients with employees located throughout the United States. We take into consideration the rules and regulations of each state to ensure that our clients abide by them. For example, payroll management and tax planning are two fields that require the businesses to follow the regulations of their respective states. The advantage of our solution is that they are offered by experts who are familiar with various concerning laws and regulations in your area.

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