Warehouse / Distribution Company


Our client is a Warehouse and Distribution company located in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to contacting Solid Business Solutions, our client managed payroll and human resources internally with one full time employee and one part time employee supporting these roles for a total of 32 employees. Our client was awarded a contract which would double the production requirements of their current workforce and required them to hire 20 additional employees. Concerned that the current employee benefits in place would not support recruitment efforts which the client felt were inadequate based on current employee feedback and uncertain if they should hire additional staff to manage payroll, human resources, and employee benefits administration internally for 52 employees they began researching outsourcing solutions and contacted Solid Business Solutions.

Our Solution

After initial consultation with the client and addressing our client's concern with their current employee benefits, Solid Business Solutions recommended a complete makeover of their current benefits offering including providing multiple options for medical insurance versus a single $5,000 deductible plan which the employees were very unhappy with and was reflected through low employee participation. To address our client's rapid growth, Solid Business Solutions recommended the implementation of our payroll solution and human resources solution which would eliminate the need to hire additional employees to manage these functions and would allow the current employees managing these processes to spend more time focusing on the core activities of the company.

Solutions Implemented: Insurance Solutions, Payroll Solutions, HR Solutions

The Result

Today, our client has grown to 64 employees. Our client's employees now have access to a superior benefit offering including multiple medical plan options with lower annual out-of-pocket costs, better ancillary insurance product choices, and a 401k retirement plan. Our client also enjoys the benefit of a dedicated team of payroll and human resource specialists assisting them with payroll and tax compliance, human resources compliance, and employee benefits administration giving them more time to focus on running and growing their business.

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