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Our client is a Business Services company based in Houston, Texas. Prior to contacting Solid Business Solutions, our client outsourced payroll processing with minimal HR support to a national payroll services company and had a separate broker handling workers' compensation and employee benefits. In addition, our client has a call center division within their organization which has a high employee turnover rate which has negatively impacted their state unemployment rate. Issue #1; our client's insurance brokers were not communicating with the payroll company which created consistent errors with class coding for workers' compensation reporting and new employee enrollments were not being reported to the payroll company which caused a failure to perform employee deductions as needed. Issue #2; our client needed human resources support and had several ongoing issues which were not being addressed by their current provider. Issue #3; our client needed assistance with unemployment claims and the ability to control their SUTA costs.

Our Solution

After initial consultation with client, Solid Business Solutions recommended our PEO Solution which provided our client with a dedicated team of experts to manage payroll processing, human resources compliance and support, dedicated risk and safety management including workers' compensation, employee benefits and employee benefits administration. In addition, under the PEO Solution our client benefits from our lower SUTA rate and Solid Business Solutions assumes the responsibility for unemployment claims management. Our client also receives the benefit of eliminating the third party communication with their workers' compensation and employee benefits providers and enjoy the seamless integration between our payroll system and various insurance products eliminating communication errors which they were previously receiving.

Solutions Implemented: PEO Solution

The Result

Today, our client enjoys peace of mind and has more time to focus on their business. Solid Business Solutions reduced the client's costs related to unemployment claims and manages all unemployment claims giving the client and key staff more time to focus on strategic objectives for their business. Solid Business Solutions now provides client with a single point of contact solution versus a multiple vendor scenario eliminating communication errors and providing seamless integration of workers' compensation and employee benefits with our payroll and human resources management system.

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