Telecommunications Company


Our client, a rapidly growing telecommunications company based in Austin, Texas was expanding rapidly with new growth which was becoming increasingly hard to manage for the staff of 42 employees. Trying to find and hire the right people to keep up with the pace of the business growth became more than this company could handle and impacted the overall performance of the business. In addition, our client did not have a human resource strategy, support staff, or the systems and processes in place to manage the growing business. Current human resource issues were being managed by the CEO who was spending approximately 50% of his time addressing these issues and assisting new employees with employee benefit questions when he needed to be focused on running the business. Finally, after being approached by multiple staff members addressing their concerns over the lack of structure our client began researching a better solution for his business.

Our Solution

Upon initial consultation, our client recognized the value of our PEO Solution which would give his business access to a team of experts who would manage all employment related activities such as payroll processing, tax compliance, human resources, employee on-boarding, risk and safety management, workers' compensation, employee benefits and benefits administration allowing him and his staff to focus on running and growing the business. Our PEO solution provided our client with the support staff, the technology, and the processes to manage their growing business more effectively.

Solutions Implemented: PEO Solution

The Result

Our client has doubled in size since the inception of our PEO Solution for his business. Our client attributes the successful growth of his business to Solid Business Solutions managing all of the employment related tasks for his business giving him and key staff members more time to focus on the strategic growth and development of their organization.

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