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Solid Business Solutions offers an online time and attendance solution for all businesses regardless of size. Our time tracking system defines practicality in today's timekeeping industry, offering simple hardware setup, exceptional user-ease, and affordability to businesses of all sizes.

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Solid Business Solutions provides timekeeping technology with a focus on ease of use. Our system gives employers an easier way to manage timekeeping, bringing together an almost paperless processes with biometric identity verification, swipe cards, and PIN entry. Clients save on labor hours processing payroll, and again on costly human error.

Time and Attendance System - The Simple Definition

The Solid Business Solutions time and attendance solution is an online electronic time and attendance solution which combines the convenience of online access with the familiarity of a conventional wall mounted time clock, PC, and telephone. The service is entirely online, so there's no software to buy, install, or manage. The timekeeping solution was designed with "everyday people" in mind as it can be set up within minutes, and editing the timekeeping data via the Web is simple.

Available Timekeeping Options

TimeClock™ and WebClock™ are the two primary methods used to collect timekeeping data. Both offer exceptional user ease for the setup and day-to-day use and offer a valuable, practical solution for daily timekeeping needs. FlexClock™, a multi-featured time tracking device, and VoiceClock™, a telephone based timekeeping solution, can be integrated with TimeClock™ and WebClock™ for a more comprehensive time tracking system. Additionally, PrintReader™ is a biometric add-on for TimeClock™ and FlexClock™ that can integrate biometric employee verification with traditional badge and PIN hardware units.

All Timekeeping Data Management Performed Online

Conveniently, all timekeeping data collected by each time tracking device is sent to a single online client account. The data is automatically organized and calculated based on the specifications of the account and in such a way that it can be easily accessed, edited, approved, and placed in a data file for payroll processing. For optimal data management, the data can be accessed by an unlimited amount of supervisor accounts, all of which can be customized with differing levels of access and editing privileges within the account.

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