Time and Labor Management

Managing workforce time and labor efficiently can have a significantly positive impact on your business especially if you have a high population of hourly employees, need to improve employee scheduling, or need to track time spent on specific projects or even perform job costing.

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Solid Business Solutions offers a powerful time and attendance solution which integrates seamlessly with our web-based payroll system (see also Online Payroll Software). We offer many convenient and affordable ways to collect employee time such as PIN, badge swipe, fingerprint/biometric, and web browser or mobile app.

Our time and labor management solution will change how you do business. Let us automate how you track hours, overtime, holidays, time off requests, PTO accrual balances, and more. We offer the ideal mix of features and ease of use for small to mid-size growing businesses.

Reducing Labor Costs

Labor costs are typically a combination of compensation for time worked, employee benefits, commissions or bonuses, and paid time off (PTO) including vacation and sick leave. Much of the labor cost is somewhat fixed and closely budgeted, however some of the cost is for time worked at a higher cost, such as overtime which is a variable commonly under-managed but can be controlled using a time and labor management system.

A time and labor management system can help reduce overtime hours through improved scheduling capabilities, proactive alerts and easier labor analysis. Advanced time and labor management systems enable you to gauge when an employee is likely to work beyond the point when overtime will begin to accrue and create a warning signal to alert an appropriate supervisor or manager to take action to prevent overtime from occurring. In the end reducing your labor costs.

Improved Compliance

Maintaining accurate time and attendance records can be one of the biggest challenges a business faces regardless of size. A good time and labor management system can help ensure that wage and hour guidelines and overtime are administered fairly and consistently. Failure to enforce pay policies, government regulations, labor agreements and fair labor standards can become a very costly mistake.

Increase Productivity

Today, businesses are under increasing pressure to do more with what they have, improve employee productivity, and reduce labor costs and liabilities. Repetitive manual tasks, inadequate tracking of time and attendance, and unnecessary overtime all impair worker productivity, and have a significant impact on your bottom line. A time and labor management solution can help you automate and streamline manual tasks, reduce errors, and access detailed information in real-time, making managers more productive and giving them the tools to help their employees to do the same.

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