Timekeeping Data Collection Options

Solid Business Solutions offers a comprehensive selection of timekeeping devices that can accommodate just about any demand, in terms of the time data collection method and requirements for connectivity to the Internet.

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Timekeeping Data Collection Devices

Each of the following devices can stand alone or be integrated with the other devices to satisfy a variety of collection needs on a single account. The available time collection devices and connectivity options are defined as follows:

TimeClockCaptures labor data via a simple, mountable time clock unit, and makes use of an employee PIN or badge card to record the punches. TimeClock connects to the Internet only through an Analog (standard phone/fax line) for data transmission. TimeClock requires only a power source to collect punches, making it a useful tool for portable time tracking on-site with the use of a car adapter as a power source. PrintReader may be added to TimeClock for biometric employee print verification.

WebClockMakes punch recording available through a Web browser, with no software to install or manage. Employees can simply log in at a workstation, and data is then available for managers in real-time as the data is saved immediately in the employee's time card. IP filter restrictions allow WebClock to be restricted to only the workstations desired for time tracking.

FlexClockFlexible and mountable hardware device that allows employees to record punches or connect to the Internet in multiple ways. Employees may use a badge card, PIN, * clock in over the phone (feature not currently available in Version 1.0), or use the PrintReader add-on to record their punches via a biometric print verification. Regarding connectivity, FlexClock can connect to the Internet through a standard Analog (fax/phone) line, an *Ethernet digital line (feature not currently available in Version 1.0), through a *Cellular connection (feature not currently available in Version 1.0), or through Wi-Fi wireless (feature not currently available in Version 1.0).

VoiceClockTelephone-based timekeeping service that enables employees to clock in/out via the phone for remote data tracking. The VoiceClock unit can be set up in your office to serve one or many clients and may be configured with as little as 3 and as many as 12 phone lines. Caller ID functionality allows the system to restrict punches to only the desired phone numbers to prevent fraudulent punching.

BioClockDesktop biometric timekeeping solution that sets up and functions as would a regular computer workstation with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and print scanner. BioClock connects to the Internet via Ethernet, making punch data available nearly is real time. Utilizing small hardware components, BioClock can be mounted to the wall with the addition of the TouchScreen monitor, a device that responds to the touch of a finger and removes the keyboard and mouse requirements from the system. BioClock is ideal as a "plug and play" desktop timekeeping solution.

PrintReader Add-OnPrintReader is an Add-on biometric device for TimeClock and FlexClock that offers the convenience of "plug and play" hardware with sophisticated biometric technology. PrintReader 330/380/570 can be added to existing TimeClocks and FlexClocks with a simple connection and update to the server, allowing employers to easily eliminate the cost and hassle of "buddy punching."

These five timekeeping solutions (and one biometric add-on) make up the time and attendance solution offered by Solid Business Solutions. Each of these products collects data that is sent to the same online program, allowing for complete time and labor management from a single point of entry.

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