Why Automated Timekeeping?

The Solid Business Solutions time and attendance solution offers a powerful savings tool for employers. Not only does our system provide great convenience for HR staff members, supervisors, and business owners, but it also provides a dramatic reduction in labor costs for your business.

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Reducing Your Cost of Labor With Automated Timekeeping

Labor cost savings with an integrated time and attendance system provided by Solid Business Solutions are created through:

  • Eliminated "wasted labor minutes" from employee time theft and approximations
  • Eliminated time spent by payroll staff in collecting and calculating time card data
  • Minimized expenses associated with human error in processing timekeeping data
  • Increased productivity and accountability for time worked by employees

Convenience vs. Savings

Many businesses today that are considering implementing an automated timekeeping system are motivated primarily by the convenience it provides; however, what is often overlooked is exactly how much companies actually save by tracking their employees with an automated time and attendance solution.

The right automated timekeeping solution will not only pay for itself year after year, but it will also return immense savings. These savings stretch far beyond simply recovering the cost of the service in the form of reduced labor costs, eliminated human error costs, eliminated payroll staff costs, and additional time for all staff members involved in payroll preparation each pay period, ultimately delivering both convenience and savings.

Top Reasons To Consider Solid Business Solutions Automated Timekeeping Solutions

  • Utilize enhanced and automatic time tracking capabilities
  • Increase company's bottom line and profitability
  • Minimize wasted labor minutes
  • Improve employee time management
  • Reduce human error, the cost to reissue paychecks, and employee dissatisfaction
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for employee labor worked
  • Reduce the overall cost of employee labor
  • Eliminate hours of unnecessary and expensive payroll labor
  • Seamless integration with Solid Business Solutions payroll solution

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